Advisors to the Illustrious Potentate

PP Charles Gullatt PIDD

HPIP Robert Porter Asst. Imperial Recorder

HPIP George Foster

PP Lynwood Loper

PP William Riley


Past Potentate Council

PP Walter Davis– President

HPIP Latif Taylor - Vic President

HPIP George Foster – Treasurer

PP Stacy Kirby - Recorder


Audit Committee

Assistant Rabban Artis Adams – Chairman

HPIP George Foster – Co-Chairman

Howard Russell

HPP Latif Taylor


Budget & Finance Committee

Chief Rabban Fred Miller - Chairman

PP Robert Porter HPIP – Asst. Chairman

2nd Ceremonial Master Vladimir Cherfrere


Investigation Committee

All Divan Members


Public Relations Committee*

Assistant Rabban Artis Adams – Director

Recorder Eddie Banks Asst. Director


SAM/Youth Committee*

Recorder Eddie Banks – Director

2nd Ceremonial Master Vladimir Cherfrere

 Captain of the Guard Noble Gregory Bird


NDI Committee*

High Priest & Prophet Clint Brown - Director

Marshal Robert McGill – Asst. Director

All Nobles


Group Supervision*

Outer Gaud Jerry Cater – Director

Noble Chris Jackson – Asst. Director

Asst. Rabban Noble Artis Adams Jr.

HP&P Noble Clint Brown

HPP Walter Davis


Imperial Potentate’s Jewel Contest

PP Lynwood Loper – Director

HPIP Robert Porter - Asst. Director


Temple Creation

Charles Brown – Captain

Jerry Carter – Asst. Captain


Charity Report Committee*

PP Robert Porter – Director

Illustrious Potentate Rahim Christian – Asst. Director

All Nobles


Voters Registration*

Noble Peter Bruton – Director

Oriental Guide Charles Brown
1st Ceremonial Master Noble Howard Russell


Temple Lecturer*

Noble Reggie Hardee – Lecturer

Noble Ozra Dunlap – Asst. Lecturer


Charity & Recognition Ball Committee*

Chief Rabban Fred Miller - Chairman

Assistant Rabban Artis Adams – Co-Chairman

All Members


Student Aid

Marshall, Robert Mcgill – Director


Past Potentate Appreciation Committee

Illustrious Potentate Rahim Christian - Chairman

Treasurer Ron Dundas – Co-Chairman

All Divan Members


Ways and Means Committee

All Nobles


New Noble Orientation Committee

Noble Rodney Steptoe – Chairman

Noble Willie Brown – Co- Chairman

Noble Jerry Cater

Noble Chris Jackson



Noble Chris Jackson

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